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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • When does this take effect?

    • Assessments will begin on July 1, 2020, and last through May 31, 2025.

    • The first payments will be due as you pay your July taxes in August of 2020.

  • Are there any exceptions to the assessment?

    • On any stay of over 31 days, the assessment is not assessed provided the first 30 days were assessed.  There are no refunds for the first 30 days.

    • If your hotel has less than 40 rooms, or outside of the city limits of Mobile, you are not to assess the fee.

    • Comp Rooms have not assessed the fee.

  • Can I change the wording of the assessment?

    • No, for consistency it needs to read as “Tourism Assessment” on the folio with the additional taxes and fees.

  • How do we pay the assessment?

    • Remittance will be an additional line/filing labeled TID. 

    • The assessment due date and penalty date will be the same as the Lodging Tax. 

    • For assistance, please contact the City of Mobile Revenue Department at 251-208-7462.

  • Is the assessment subject to any taxes?

    • No, the assessment is not taxable.

  • Do I have to participate?

    • Yes, this is a new city ordinance passed on May 19th, 2020.

  • Where does this money go?

    • The Mobile Area Lodging Corporation will manage and decide how all monies are spent marketing our destination.

    • This corporation's board is derived from hotel owners and representatives through a vote of the entire district.

  • What happens next?

    • The most important next step is to elect a board to serve as the governing body of the Corporation.

  • What if I have an existing contract?

    • The fee should still be assessed as a part of the existing taxes and fees clause.

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